Thursday, 30 October 2008

A beginning

Well this is my first posting. I thought I would just put up a sketch I did the other day at my desk here at work. A large mobile phone company just put up a mobile mast just outside my window despite all the opposition. The Idea is that after a massive dose of radiation from the mast I turn into a monster and terrorize the town.

I like that thought. I get bored here at work and any little excitement is great. Like the time editor accidently set fire to her wool coat. What a good day that was! Took us ages to get the stink out of the office though...
Incidently shes now leaving us here and moving to france. So I did a quick sketch for her before she goes.
We'll miss you Nikki! Thats her with the big floppy hair sticking out the sides.

Anyway, Design Monster is the name for my new studio Im starting. I figure I have steady work from designing at my new job, so I can be selective and do the work I yearn to do freelance at night. I can post stuff up and hopefully people will give me nice comments on what they liek or dont like.
Well thats my first post. there'll be more soon

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